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-36 free assignable midi remote notes with lern
-several clock pattern to re-groove the sequences in your external machines
-clock pattern editor to create own clock pattern per channel
-swing section with link button
-100 preset slots for saving your assignments, preset change live by MIDI remote keys

-gate or toggle feature for MIDI key control:
  -Gate: clock out while remote key is pressed
  -Toggle: switches alternately the clock pattern on/off or exchanges the running clock pattern
-catch grid for start or exchange: next bar,~ half bar, ~ quarter, ~ 8th, ~16th

Performance Mode
-clock master and ~slave (depending on incoming sync data, auto-switched)
-endless in-sync-performance with DAWs on one computer
.(e.g.load a new DAW song while external sequencer equipment continues)
-solid midi clock host
Studio Mode
-permanent midi clock slave
-coupled to the song position pointer
-external midi sequencers run only inside a DAW time range