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-software step sequencer with 8 steps
-step time justable between 1 and 5 16th per step, pattern length up to 40 16th
-pattern chain, up to 9 pattern can be coupled to a big looped sequence
-two virtual midi in/out ports for biderectional communication
-9 pattern preset slots
-play range can be limited between 1 and 8 steps (realtime, preset-independend)
-chained pattern play only inside the range

-midi clock master or slave
-in slave mode, JUMP will sync every next half bar after press "play" on jump
the statistics field shows the relation to a 4/4 bar reference and the next common first step

range track
-preset-independend track to "step by step record" range and running direction
-smallest range can be one step
-combining with pattern chain leads to unexpected (and -may be- creative) results
-range track length: more than 2000 combinations

...but not least
-undo step, animated help window, pitch bend sweep option per step, remote control port