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JUMP is a eight-step-sequencer with variable step lengths between one and five 16th on each step. Thereby you can create long melody lines/pattern figures. The sequencer window has two areas: a button matrix (is well suited for grouped actions) and a pattern editor, which shows the entire pattern- there you can change single parameters directly.


Set the playback range and the running direction very easy, live on the button matrix. If you like, you can record ranges/directions in a independent playlist-track.


The basic parameters pitch, velocity and length can be changed absolute, with fixed values, or relative, on the selected steps. Values witch moves out the range (greather than 127 or lesser than 0) comes in on the opposite.


In the right JUMP window part you find three panels: random, shake and rotate. All panel actions work within the selected playback range. You can change singles or coupled parameters. Shake is a special random- with this you can jumble existing values.